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A resume of the 2011 southern Spring

by Richard Raby on December 21, 2011

Since my arrival back in Brazil, in September, the 2011 Southern hemisphere spring has been cold, unusually cold, and this cold spring was proceeded by an unusually dry southern winter. The local forest was bone dry, apart from patches immediately adjacent to stream courses and occasional other damp spots. This untypically cool weather continued into [...]


Highlights of the 2010-11 Season

by Richard Raby on June 27, 2011

After a September start with Mammal photography in Minas Gerais and Rio state that went remarkably well, with all major targets, including Giant Anteater, Maned Wolf & 6 primate species photographed well, I started to lead my more usual Bird watching oriented trips to Itatiaia, Ubatuba and my personal favourite place, the upper Serra da [...]


Fixed Itinerary BUTTERFLY trips starting Jan. 2012

by Richard Raby on February 13, 2011

Fixed Itinerary Butterfly trips from 2012 Starting in January 2012 I will be offering 2 fixed Itinerary Butterfly tours (one in January, and the other in February) of the Atlantic Rainforest region of South eastern Brazil. These months of January & February represent the most interesting, time of the year for butterfly studies in this [...]


It has been a most memorable week at The Marica lodge. We were visited by maybe the most spectacular and the most difficult to observe butterfly occurring in South Eastern Brasil? On the 6th January 2011 The Marica lodge was visited, at 11.15hrs Brazilian summer time, by a very freshly hatched male? Agrias claudina butterfly. [...]


A lightning trip to the Minas Gerais Caatinga

by Richard Raby on December 24, 2010

Mission Minas Gerais Caatinga. In Mid December 2010 I found myself with a few free days which also happened to coincided with an unusually good weather forecast. A this time of year normally guaranteed rain. I had been sub-consciously planning a trip to the Caatinga region of Western Minas Gerais state (in the vicinity of [...]


Sept/October 2010; photography & mamals

by Richard Raby on October 29, 2010

I’ve just recently got back from my first trip of the season, this trip visited most of my Minas Gerais state locations plus the “newish” Golden-lion Tamarin stake-out that I’m offering to visitors in Rio de Janeiro state. The trip terminated with a final stop at my lodge in Marica to photograph and hand-feed cotton-eared [...]

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Another August nearly over…

by Marlus Araujo on August 29, 2010

Another August nearly over and another British Birdfair behind us. I have always found the Rutland Water event both invigorating & inspiring, and this year was no exception. I know that I keep saying this but, “It’s so nice to be surrounded by so many conservation-minded and highly motivated people”. I met-up with lots of [...]


Southern Bahia state research trip; Part 3

by Richard Raby on June 28, 2010

The third and final part to my story of a recent research trip to southern Bahia and north-eastern Minas Gerais states covers the journey to the coast of southern Bahia, where I had three last places to visit. After leaving Salta da divisa it was just a matter of travelling a few kms. East and [...]


Hello world!

by Richard Raby on April 2, 2010

Welcome to my new improved blog! The third post of my recent Southern Bahia research trip will be published very soon…


After arriving back at, and “kissing” the tarmac, after departing Bandeira, I continued heading South to Almenara, the crossing point for the River Jequitinhonha. En route I passed by some very interesting looking woodlands/wooded Caatinga approx. 10kms south after rejoining the tarmac, but I was really not prepared to stop again so soon after getting [...]