Trips for the 2016-2017 season

by Richard Raby on March 1, 2016

My Birding tours Itineraries;

I continue to offer custom tours in Rio state and the immediately adjoining areas of Sao Paolo and Minas Gerais  states. For the time being I’ve dropped the more distant Interior Minas Gerais and  Espirito Santo/ southern Bahia locations. If I am approached to lead a larger size trip (with 6 or more participants, using a Van & Driver) then I’m prepared to re-install these options but for the time being, when I’m driving, as well as guiding, trip options are going to have to remain closer to Rio, with a 1000-1500 Kms  round trip total “mileage” limit . I’ll state the reasons why, Excessive Vehicle wear and tear & general exhaustion on my behalf from too many hrs spent behind the wheel, on top of the guiding and general trip logistics involvement by me. I’ve also had some complaints about too many hours being spent between birding stops when birding Interior Minas Gerais, for example.

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