I’ve been silent for too long

by Richard Raby on March 1, 2016


I’ve been rather silent on this blogg for too long. It’s not that I’ve been particularly lazy, it’s more like ALL of my spare time has been involved in another project, one involving rare butterfly conservation in and around my Lodge location at Marica. But after having a lot of success with this ” extra curricular ” side to my life as a Birding guide It appears time to take my foot off of the accelerator a little, on the Insects front, and spare some time to update my Blogg followers on slightly newer happenings on the Rio de Janeiro, and surrounding areas, birding scene.

Ok, the highlight of my most recent Birding tours included;

An adult perched (and scoped) Lesser crested Hawk-eagle at Itatiaia upper park (Oct. 15).

An absolutely brilliant display by up to 5 adult male long-trained Nightjars at Serra da Bocaina, again in October.

Buff-necked Puffbird photographed at Fazender Angelim in March 14.

A semi resident White-necked Hawk at Marica from Dec 2014 to date (but showing best Jan-March 2014),

A good sized population of Eye-ringed Tody-tyrant discovered at the White-necked Hawk area.

One of my  group reported an Atlantic Royal Flycatcher in confirmed, “perfect habitat” at Serra da Bocaina in November 15.

Some notes on popular species;

Giant antshikes are now more frequent at Serra da Bocaina and becoming scarcer at Itatiaia lower. White-bearded Antshike is virtually unresponsive to playback around hotel Ype where local bird photographers have discovered PLAYBACK.    It’s still relatively easy at Teresopolis though, alongside  a now established Spotted Bamboowren territory.

My few visits recently to Ubatuba continue to turn-up Buff-vented Purpletuft at Fazenda Angelim and Slatey Bristlefront at the Folha seca trail along with other specialities.

Pereque in Rio state is the place for the mega-tick Black-hooded Antwren and (along with Itatiaia) the place to see the delightful Fork-tailed Pygmy-tyrant and this locality is also proving a good back-up site for Spotted Bamboowren.

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