Fixed Itinerary BUTTERFLY trips starting Jan. 2012

by Richard Raby on February 13, 2011

Rhetus Metalmark

Fixed Itinerary Butterfly trips from 2012

Starting in January 2012 I will be offering 2 fixed Itinerary Butterfly tours (one in January, and the other in February) of the Atlantic Rainforest region of South eastern Brazil.
These months of January & February represent the most interesting, time of the year for butterfly studies in this part of South America, and now with the rather recent trend for photography, rather than collecting, of butterflies, utilizing compact and affordable digital consumer cameras, now readily accessible to all (with the advent of the commonly offered macro function ), I’m expanding my guiding services to offer visitor the chance to participate in another facet to the fascinating fauna of tropical South America.
Using the experience that I have gained from recently guiding 3 private Butterfly groups, I will now be offering, as part of my new Fixed Itinerary program, 2 Butterfly Photography trips each year. I expect to offer two trips, on an annual basis.
From now-on… January and February will become exclusively Butterflies-Brazil months at Richard Raby Eco tours.

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