Another August nearly over…

by Marlus Araujo on August 29, 2010

Another August nearly over and another British Birdfair behind us. I have always found the Rutland Water event both invigorating & inspiring, and this year was no exception. I know that I keep saying this but, “It’s so nice to be surrounded by so many conservation-minded and highly motivated people”. I met-up with lots of old friends, I had a great time helping-out on the Neo-tropical Bird-club stand again and I also took the opportunity to make a number equipment purchases, whilst also researching new products, recently on the market.

I met-up with a number of past and future visitors to my Brazilian guiding services, I now have a full season organised with both regular tours and also one or two research trips.

This summer I have upgraded/doubled-up on some of my field equipment, changing Leica Ultravid for Zeiss Victory 8×32 Binoculars, Kowa 613 for Nikon Fieldscope  and my D70s Nikon DSLR body has been changed for a D300. I researched some recently launched Trap Cameras but these will now have to wait for next season, the prices are still up over the £200 mark but night vision is technology is now the norm with no more flashes to scare away the prey that is being photographed, a very useful advancement. I can now also couple my DSLR Camera to my Telescope, giving me a very useful 800mm lens, I cannot see me using this set-up too often though as it is pretty ungainly and will depend on a tripod/hide set-up to be most useful. I still continue to take most of my shots on the move whilst guiding or rapidly from the car, in National parks.

My first trip back in Brazil will be to Western Minas Gerais state. I travel back in mid September and I trust that our friend the Brazilian Merganser will prove more cooperative this season? WE will also be targeting the larger mammals such as Anteater, Maned Wolf and Wolley Spider-monkey. We will also be visiting the Caratinga reserve and I hope to make a start on listing the interesting bird species to be found at this privately owned Spider-monkey reserve.

My next blog entry will be posted from Brasil when I arrive back there next month.

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