I will be catering to larger groups from December 2010

by Richard Raby on February 21, 2010

As I gain more and more “feel” for organising bird-tours in my area, SOTHEASTERN BRAZIL, I am also noting that my overheads are rising quite rapidly and that this is due to local inflation.

Now in my sixth year I’m starting to open-up to offer my exclusive guiding services to larger groups, this is firstly to continue offering my tours at accesible prices to all and secondly to try and reduce further still my overheads by using hire vans & minibuses in the place of my 4×4 (which is both pretty thirsty on fuel and expensive to maintain).

I have had a number of enquiries recently from dual interest groups, for trips that include both Birds & Butterflies and Birds & Mamals, I am accepting a group of each of these to experiment . Assuming a reasonable level of success with these dual interest tours, I will shortly be broadening my Itinerary sheet to include these types of tour to everyone, as and when required.

I am planning to revise my Website homepage shortly, expanding on the above theme of Larger Groups and Dual interest Holidays.

Richard Raby

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