Two weeks away from returning to Brazil

by Richard Raby on September 22, 2008

I am now just two weeks away from returning to Brazil. My summer has been a most productive one.
My agenda is almost full from my return until the new year, with a number of “last minute enquiries” about trips appearing to be coming to fruition?

My time at the Rutland Birdfair was as rewarding as ever, it is SO encouraging to be around so many others with similar ideas/ideals, It can also prove a most fertile ambient for airing new ideas as well maybe hatching others.

This summer I have finally purchased a DSLR camera and lenses which I hope to use to improve the photographic content of this website. I have also invested in a new, back-up pair of Binoculars, my old and trusted HG Nikons will now be alternated with a pair of Ultravid BR 8×32 Leica’s. As with the Nikon glasses I have fitted them out with that great rubber eyeguard/rain protector from Zeiss, (part # 529205 and available separetly) none of the other manufacturers seems to realise that, for succesful birding in the rain, a fast slip-on, slip-off, eyepiece cover is essential?

As well as my guiding this season I also hope to finally get to (for the first time), the Intervales state Reserve in Western Sao Paolo and also the Rio Doce State park in Minas Gerais. Both of these localities have been on previous research agendas of mine but had to be cancelled due to lack of time/transport hick-ups. I also expect to return to the Southern Desengano state park boarders, visited for the first time in late March of this year ( read the previous blogg). The rest of my free time will be spent working on the Marica lodge, (where I have a third suite to finish off) and also trying to photograph some of my local reedbed birds, using my new camera gear.

All for now, my next entry will be posted from Marica, RJ Brazil

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