Cambridge, England October 2007

by Richard Raby on October 4, 2007

I am in the process of traveling back to Brazil for the winter season. My time in Cambridge was another great success, including my visit to the Rutland birdfair, this seems to get bigger and better by the year.
Upon my return I am virtualy booked solid untill early December with trips to Rio, Sao Paolo and Minas Gerais states. I will also visit Espirito Santo state on a final but non-commercial (final research) trip prior to offering both Sooretama and Linhares as future tour destinations.

As I arrive back in Marica I will be keen to find what the Southern winter has left for me to observe on the Lagoons and adjacent wetlands. Last year I had Great Grebe and Spectacled Tyrant that were almost certainly planning their movement back towards Argentina or the extreem south of Brazil. This time of year can be good for other water and waterside species such as Southern Pochard, Cinamon Teal and white-winged/gartered Coot.

Following a usually wet December (when I try not to take bookings) I will start to plan my late summer trips for which I have a couple of enquiries already for the month of March.

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